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Looking within, looking without

Getting in contact with your inner self,
the wisdom inside your body,
combining it with how you look at the outside, how you perceive your surroundings
and others,
making yourself whole again
and become one with nature
– how rewarding this is.

Walking through the realms of your inner life, enriched, wiser, calmer,
more true to your self,
accepting others as they are
in their variety,
appreciating the diversity
and the multitude of colours
that life holds
– what a joy this is.

Listening to the songs of life
in harmony with Mother Nature
and her rhythms.
Rooted in Mother Earth and
floating with the clouds in the blue sky, laughter dwells up inside of you,
at first like a ripple on still water,
increasing, becoming rich and full, encompassing your whole being,
shaking you to your roots,
the waves of laughter
taking away all your troubles,
leaving you afterwards
with a smile on your face,
ready to continue your journey of life,
free to wander, free to ponder,
free to fly – wherever.




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