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What marks your present life?
Everyday stress and lack of time?
Disquiet, anxiety and worries?
Poor sleep and fatigue?

A warm shower helps to alleviate physical exertion.
What refreshes after mental stress?

What do you miss in your life?

Quiet and calmness
mindful acting

You need a method for mental relaxation.
This is how to give more space to them in your life.
The quality of life is enhanced.

When the mind relaxes, the body relaxes, too.

Zhineng Qigong helped me very much.
To learn something new was very challenging for me.
To memorize something new was very difficult for me.

It is surprising how quick Zhineng Qigong changes that.
The beginning is very easy:
only practising, no expectations, no thinking about why and how,
hardly any theory - just practice.
First effects come quickly.
You advance continuously: slowly and steady.
Even when practising only once a week.
Zhineng Qigong is like a break in your everyday life.
Just looking forward to the practice is motivating.
After the practice you have more energy and feel refreshed.
In this way you collect more and more qi into your body.
Later you change over to daily practice.

Qigong is training your mind and a mental process.
An open system like Zhineng Qigong makes access to qi very easy indeed.
We open body and mind
by connecting our mental attention to our movement.
This leads to first experiences of qi.
These experiences help to understand the theory and to advance.
You cannot get access to Zhineng Qigong merely through the theory.
The practice is the way and the means.

You can do a lot for your health already with the basic exercise Level 1.
The majority of practitioners in China also practises Level 1 only.
You can decide yourself how far you want to advance.

An acquaintance said to me: Why should I learn from you?
I'd rather go to someone with slanted eyes.

A Chinese grows up in holistic thinking.
It is very easy for him to absorb Western thinking and to integrate it.
His view has always been all-embracing in a quite natural way.

Our Western thinking is marked by our science and our culture,
by a linear view and the exact view into details and parts.
Just like e.g. a single ingredient of a plant
becoming a medical drug in Western medicine.

How to expand the Western thinking - the view to detail -
to the holistic view?
A Chinese has no such experiences and thus cannot help you.

Unless: a Chinese child is adopted by Europeans
and grows up in Western thinking.
Later it gets interested in Chinese culture and Chinese thinking.
But not every Chinese is interested in qigong.
If so: this "example" Chinese then has experiences
how to get access to Chinese thinking from Western thinking.
Presumably the famous needle in the haystack.

Of course, it is possible to invent the wheel again
and to search for the way on your own.
The squirrel struggles hard to get a living.

Or someone who already walked this path helps you on your way.

I am pleased to share my experiences with you.

Doing it together is easier.
Give time and joy to a friend or friends.
Invite him or her to join you.
Then you can practise and advance together.
Shared joys are doubled.

Book a private coaching and let's begin.




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