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Flying Crane Qigong

Flying Crane Method (Pang Ming - historic)
He Xiang Zhuang
Level 1

In China the crane is a symbol for a long fulfilled life.
It is well worth aspiring to live in harmony with nature.
Animals are often the role model
for many exercises in the martial arts.
The old masters observed animals in nature.
The abilities of some animals are of high repute.
Many exercises and motion sequences in the martial arts
have been named after these animals.
While doing the exercise you try to emulate and imitate
certain motion sequences of the animals.

One such symbol is the crane.
It is mentioned again and again in the name of motion sequences.

The Flying Crane Method of Pang Ming
was created before the Zhineng Qigong system.
While Zhineng Qigong is his masterpiece,
the Flying Crane can be seen as a good first work.

Pang Ming had stayed in a temple
where he developed Zhineng Qigong.
When he returned to public life after three years,
he had not only created his masterpiece
but also revised his first work.
He had reshaped the Flying Crane Method
into an easy and safe exercise for everyone.

This exercise is taught in the beginner's workshop.

The exercise comprises 5 sequences,
each with an opening and a closing movement.
All 5 sequences together
are a complete practice from head to foot.

This exercise is well suited
to get to know qigong and get a first impression.

The workshop does not include any coaching.
You learn the exercise and the corresponding basic theory.

Daily practice is recommended.
The participant is left to his own devices.

I know from experience that the crane does not fly
right from the beginning.
You feel more like an albatros having difficulty in taking off.
The more you practise
the more it resembles flying and ease returns.
As always: „Practice makes perfect.“

In Europe, too, the crane is a symbol for happiness.
May this feeling of happiness come true.

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