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During practice there are times when you need to talk things over
with someone who understands what it is about.

It can help you to see more clearly where to go next, where to adjust the practice,
where to change, what direction to give to deepen the practice.

Each one of us walks his path on his own.

When questions arise and problems appear it is good to talk and share experiences.
A second or third opinion often shows things in a different light.

You have some questions about Zhineng Qigong and its practice?
You would like to talk about it?

Buy yourself a slice of the coach's time.

Email your questions or the topic you want to discuss to:

The coach will contact you and fix a date and time for the counselling.

One-to-one counselling
in Bielefeld
75 Euro for one hour

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zhineng qigong coach dolores
zhineng qigong coach dolores
zhineng qigong coach dolores
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