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I am offering coaching at a high level.
Zhineng Qigong requires to practise 30 minutes daily on your own.

To practise daily and to make the practice a holistic one is not easily accomplished. This is a process of evolution and takes time.
At the beginning we concentrate on the health aspect.
After a longer time of practice and once some development has come about, this changes into a way of training your mind and cultivating your self.

To move about we usually spend more power and energy than needed.
After a physical exertion a youngster replenishes his energy very quickly.
When you are getting older it is very important to spend only the energy needed. The energy that is available to you gets less and the replenishing takes longer.
You can learn to use your energy effectively and more refined by an improved awareness of your body and by optimizing your movements.

It is not possible to learn and practise
other qigong methods besides Zhineng Qigong at the same time.
It goes well with Tai Ji Quan, Yoga, running .. and
other sports.

„Instead of drilling 100 wells at the same time, it is better to drill one well deeply to find water.“

„It is easy to learn the practice, but it is not easy to become a practitioner.“

„Practice makes perfect. No man is born a master of his craft.“

„To find calm in motion, to seek motion in stillness.“

„The heart has to become calm so the mind can become clear.“

„There is only one constant in life: change.“

„Holistic: body, mind and soul united in harmony.“

„The path is given. Going on it creates it.“





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