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Coaching Zhineng Qigong Level 1 and Level 2

Who wants to walk the path and enter deeper into Zhineng Qigong,
can contact me for a private coaching.

The coaching is based on a daily practice of 30 minutes.

Just as a medical treatment requires that the daily pill is swallowed regularly,
the coaching requires daily practice, self-discipline and persistence.

One means to really get into the practical methods are 100-day gongs.
You practise a method every day for 100 days and thus get
a much deeper understanding of the method and what it is all about.

I am offering private coaching and counselling.

Further details will be arranged individually and agreed upon,
as each path may be different in every possible way.

There is no Zhineng Qigong class near you?
You want private tuition, personal coaching, counselling?
I come to your home.
Talk to me about it.

No previous knowledge required.

You are interested? Send me an email to:










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